I Was Already Lost

Botto + Bruno

Pari Nadimi Gallery presents a second solo exhibition by internationally acclaimed Italian duo Botto + Bruno. Known for their constructed photo­graphic and video works, which are sometimes used as material for creating large installations, Botto + Bruno continue to be interested in investigating the revolts, wishes, and dreams of the suburbs. Their photographs of abandoned industrial areas document liminal spaces on the peripheries of Italian cities.

This exhibition presents a wall-sized installation made out of A3-sized photocopies that evokes the form of commercial wallpaper. The photocopied “pattern” of the wallpaper combines a text cut up from J.G. Ballard’s novel Kingdom Come (2006), drawings by the artists, and black-and-white photography. A number of small, framed drawings and photo collages are hung over-top of the wallpaper. The work investigates marginal places that are selected and photographed, then archived, assembled, and photocopied by the artists to make the final collage.

Botto + Bruno’s work has been exhibited at the Venice (2001), Shanghai (2010), and Busan (2002) biennales, and in numerous museums, including MAMCO, Geneva, and The New Museum, New York.