The Bikeriders

Danny Lyon

The Bikeriders features a selection of photographs by Danny Lyon, one of the most important documentary photographers and filmmakers to come of age in the 1960s. These images chronicle the activities of the motorcycle world from 1963–67. Lyon documented the life of the American bikerider in the Midwest from the seat of his Triumph motorcycle, equipped with a Nikon, a Rolleiflex, and a seven-pound portable tape recorder. The resulting black-and-white images provide a window into the rough, counterculture lifestyles of bikers on the road.

In 1968, Lyon’s photographs were published in the landmark book, The Bikeriders, which not only launched his career, but also introduced motorcycle counterculture to mainstream America, paving the way for the film Easy Rider (1969). According to photographer Martin Parr, “Lyon was part of the generation he was photographing, so was able to talk with an authentic voice about his subjects, understanding instinctively not only their hopes and aspirations, but also why they were rebelling against all kinds of adult authority.” This is the second exhibition of Lyon’s work at Stephen Bulger Gallery.