Constructing Mythologies

Janieta Eyre

Images depicting gender roles in modern Western society profoundly affect the way femininity is viewed. In presenting this survey of Toronto-based Janieta Eyre’s past and present work, Constructing Mythologies offers viewers an alternative way of imagining gender and femininity in today’s world.

Throughout her career, Eyre has created images that challenge traditional notions of feminine beauty and sexuality. Her work is highly constructed, but unlike the images of women and femininity that we so often encounter in everyday life, she rejects implicit gender roles and offers alternative myths that extend beyond a simple critique. As demonstrated by the evolution of her photography, Eyre re-articulates constructions of femininity through dynamic and contradictory imagery. The tone of her work ranges from whimsical and aesthetically pleasing to grotesque, perverse, and genuinely challenging. This exhibit features photographs from five different series created by Eyre, which focus on constructions of beauty and sexuality in various stages of women’s lives, from girlhood to motherhood.