2013 / Film

Remembrance of Things to Come: Works by Chris Marker
A Mini-Retrospective May 16 - 19

Presented by TIFF Cinematheque May 16 – 19 www. tiff.net

Sans Soleil Directed by Chris Marker and Rea McNamara  100 min, France 1982 Thu May 16, 6:30pm

Widely considered the greatest "essay film" ever made, Marker's Proustian travelogue traverses Iceland, Paris, San Francisco, Guinea-Bissau and a hypermodern Tokyo as it ruminates on memory's perpetual struggle with the incessant passage of time.

La Jetée Directed by Chris Marker 30 min, France 1964 Fri May 17, 6:30pm

This immensely influential science-fiction classic, constructed entirely with still images, is one of cinema’s most profound meditations on time and memory.

Remembrance of Things To Come Le Souvenir de l'avenir Directed by Chris Marker and Yannick Bellon 42 min, France 2003 Fri May 17, 6:30pm

Unseen in Toronto for a decade, Chris Marker's sublime, time-tripping homage to photographer Denise Bellon is a small masterpiece of montage.

The Sixth Side of the Pentagon Directed by Chris Marker and François Reichenbach 28 min, France 1968 Fri May 17, 6:30pm

Its enigmatic title derived from a Zen proverb ("If the five sides of the pentagon appear impregnable, attack the sixth side"), The Sixth Side of the Pentagon records the March on the Pentagon on October 21, 1967, the largest protest gathering against the Vietnam War.

A Grin Without a Cat Le Fond de l'air est rouge Directed by Chris Marker 240 min, France 1977 Sat May 18, 6:30pm

Marker's magisterial epic touches down in Paris, Prague, Peking and points between as it meditates on the fate of the world in the decade following May 1968.

One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich Une journée d'Andrei Arsenevich Directed by Chris Marker 55 min, France 1999 Sun May 19, 6:30pm

This masterful documentary combines film clips, journal entries, and personal speculation to illuminate the life and work of Russian master Andrei Tarkovsky.

The Case of the Grinning Cat Chats perchés Directed by Chris Marker 59 min, France 2006 Sun May 19, 6:30pm

Lovely, witty and allusive, Marker's last major work before his death traces the renewal of political protest culture in the wake of the invasion of Iraq.  

Programmed in conjunction with the exhibition Memory of a Certain Time, an overview of Marker’s still photography, and a public installation Images From La Jetee, on view at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

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