Gabriele Basilico Directed by Giampiero d’Angeli  Italy 2008 51 minutes

Giampiero D’Angeli creates a vivid portrait of Gabriele Basilico, one of Italian great photographers who recently passed away. His activity, based on personal projects and manifold institutional commissions, focuses on the debate about the city and the contemporary landscape through both conceptual and aesthetical works. Moving from Milan to France, from Beirut to Silicon Valley, from Genua to Moscow, Basilico tells about himself and his job in the background of these different scenarios.

Giampiero D’Angeli born in Rieti in 1974, lives in Paris, where he works as director and editor of commercials and TV shows, institutional videos and documentaries, collaborating with such TV channels as Rai International, Rai, and Sky. Since 2007 he has been working with Giart S.r.l., a production agency focused on documentaries about Italian contemporary art.