David Hanes uses found images of existing gallery documentation as the source material for digital manipulations in Aware. Derived from online searches of popular works of art, Hanes revises these representations of cultural objects in anonymous spaces through Photoshop’s “content aware” function. In this process of re-presentation, the art content of the source images becomes digitally nullified. The space becomes a container for both the action of removal as well as a space for reflection on the viewer’s assumptions about art and the context in which it is exhibited.

This process of image manipulation and reconstruction enters the physical realm when select images are printed on semi-transparent polyester nylon fabric. The fabric holds the image, but also becomes a medium through which the construction of the work is further revealed. By stretching the images on painting supports, Hanes heralds back to the structures in the original content of the source images. In this return to physical form, the images straddle the space between photography, sculpture, and painting, while challenging the expectations of the constructed image and its relationship to the Internet and the illuminated screen.