Leistner will give a tour of her exhibition Looking for Marshall McLuhan in Afghanistan, which she made on her iPhone while embed in Afghanistan.

Rita Leistner is a politically engaged artist and practitioner-theorist: an award-winning independent photojournalist, war photographer and documentarian; a graduate of the International Centre of Photography with a Master of Arts in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto (1990) where she teaches courses on the art and purpose of photojournalism and documentary photography. Her photographs have been widely published and exhibited; her essays and book reviews have appeared in numerous publications and notable books including art historian Julian Stallabrass’s Memories of Fire: Images of War and the Wars of Images (2013) and Michael Kamber’s acclaimed Photojournalists on War: The Untold Stories from Iraq (2013). She is co-author of Unembedded: Four Independent Photojournalists on the War in Iraq (2005). A classic example of politically engaged art, Unembedded was originally conceived as a touring exhibition to change popular (government sanctioned) views of the war in Iraq.