Exhibition Narrative

Andrew B. Myers, Jakub Dolejš, Oli Sorenson, Yael Eban, Tim Roda

Photography has been a vehicle for storytelling since the medium’s inception, when Victorians brought literary themes to life by photographing costumed tableaux. The artists in this exhibition demonstrate that photography remains a vital carrier of narrative, richly diverse in potential. Yael Eban is drawn to photography’s ability to turn family narratives into visual puzzles. She tells the story of her grandparents through collaged images of private family documents and public archives. Tim Roda’s work reflects his fascination with what stories photographs tell about the family dynamic. Using his children as actors in mysterious dramas, he creates intriguing scenarios that offer more questions than answers. For Andrew B. Myers, the myths promulgated by commercial photography provide compelling fodder for social commentary, as he engages the language of advertising to critique the consumer overload it promotes. Jakub Dolejš is attracted to the stories inherent in the photographer’s studio. He uses studio accoutrements to create slapstick chain reactions that underscore the accidental side of the medium. Oli Sorenson’s photographs illustrate the end of a story, through his documentation of the monitors he shatters during a performance. His beautiful images reflect photography’s troubling ability to both record and aestheticize destruction.