Elizabeth Zvonar

Working in both collage and sculpture, Elizabeth Zvonar’s work utilizes strategies of aesthetics, seduction, and sex often found in advertising, as a means of teasing out possible metaphysical and supernatural undercurrents. THE CHALLENGE OF ABSTRACTION fuses advertising imagery from both antiquated luxury goods magazines and contemporary fashion magazines. Zvonar’s positioning and iconization of the subject highlights its ability to act as the sacred.

In keeping with her commitment to material exploration, Zvonar’s current body of work investigates and expands the mechanics of devotion through the senses of smell, touch, and sight. Adapting the tools of ritual found in a variety of spiritual practices into the production of sculptural objects, Zvonar is interested in the interplay between the invisible and the physical world. Focusing on the practice of enthusiasm for reverence, Zvonar makes work that both questions and opens up the possibility of the extraordinary.