DAYTRIP is a Toronto‐based collective comprised of Erich DeLeeuw, Matthew Volpe, and Andrew Savery-Whiteway. Their latest endeavour, After Frank, documents their pilgrimage from Toronto to Mabou, Nova Scotia, to New York City, in search of the iconic photographer Robert Frank. Adopting the canon of the great American road trip, with a specific focus on Canadian ephemera, this project is part homage to Robert Frank’s seminal series The Americans, as well as a road map of DAYTRIP’s exploration of Canada. The DAYTRIP collective observes and documents subtle elements of discarded Canadiana, while quietly commenting on the social landscape of a changing country. Using small‐format black‐and‐white 35mm film, the images draw the viewer into an immersive experience.

The exhibition features the launch of Issue No.2 of DAYTRIP’s book series, including a special comic interlude illustrated by Ben O’Neil, and interviews with leading experts on Robert Frank. A short documentary, filmed along the journey, will be projected in conjunction with photographic prints, found objects, and hand‐drawn maps made by local residents along the way.