a funny thing

Darren Rigo

Darren Rigo has grown up with the woods as his backyard. It is a place where he finds solace and artistic inspiration. In the exhibition a funny thing, he takes the viewer for a walk through the forest, the experience of the terrain, and exposing visual cues and markers that are the impetus for his art practice.

His images range from small-scale, intimate photographs, to an immersive, large-scale panorama. An observant eye will discover incongruous details in a grove of pines, in the night sky, or on a sandy beach. Like flags marking a trail, Rigo’s imagery guides the viewer to question human significance and insignificance in the natural world. Visual interventions constructed both on-site and in-studio playfully illustrate the contrast between the wild and the civilized. Rigo enables and challenges notions of the picturesque in nature by combining the straightforward beauty of the woods with surprising moments of artistic action.

Curated by Patrick Macaulay