This new artist’s book represents the final iteration of the month-long residency Annie MacDonell undertook at the Toronto Reference Library for CONTACT 2014. During this time, MacDonell produced a series of evolving murals and displays within the library, using images sourced from the library’s picture collection. The residency culminated in a live lecture/performance written and presented with MacDonell’s frequent collaborator Maïder Fortuné.

The diversity of texts and images gathered together for the original performance are reproduced here, in the publication titled The Bird and the Cup. Within the book, fiction and fact overlap to trace out the spaces of two very different buildings: the Toronto Reference Library and University of Toronto’s Robarts Research Library.

 The Bird and The Cup is a meditation on emptiness and form, image and space, and the conceit of architecture itself. The launch will include a reading from the book and video from the original performance.