Magnum photographer Larry Towell will discuss his recent projects that explore global issues of landlessness, crisis and conflict as well as his recent publication, Afghanistan.

The son of a car repairman, Towell grew up in a large family in rural Ontario. In 1996, he completed a ten-year project on El Salvador, and in the following year published a major book on the Palestinians. His fascination with landlessness also led him to document and publish a book on the Mennonite migrant workers of Mexico. He completed a second highly acclaimed book on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in 2005, and in 2008 released the award-winning The World From My Front Porch, a project about his own family in rural Ontario. His latest book, Afghanistan, published by Aperture, offers an examination of survival, exile, loss, and recuperation. Towell became a full Magnum Photos member in 1993.