Freedom of Expression

Saman Aghvami, Nasrin Arghavani Fard, John Bladen Bentley, Susan Collacott, Joanne de Boehmler, Hossein Fatemi, Dolores Gubasta, Mark Hiron, Mahsa Khalili, Judith leitner, Don Newlands, John Wallace

Aspirations are built of knowledge and compassion - we cannot dream about things that we’ve never heard of - but each push to humanize communication, has been answered by a pushback from the market - to keep us mired in the illusion of buyable happiness, instead of allowing the freedom we loudly proclaim. The individual has never been so flattered and debased - nor has the function of the artist - the clarion-call to transcendence - ever been more necessary.


Curated by Kamelia Pezeshki