Nur Alain Alam, Heba B., Manaal Farooqi, Sakinah Hasib, Amina Ibrahim, Zujajah I., Faria Jafri, Asma Karimi, Farrah Khan, Rola Kuidir, Meral Pasha, Fatima Wahid

(mus)interpreted is a group exhibition showcasing work by young Muslim women of the Truth & Dare Project, a free youth arts program, in partnership with Outburst!. Through photography and photo-based mixed media, the artists document their lived realities and interrogate the notions and spaces in which Muslim women are defined and redefined. (mus)interpreted is a collective envisioning of individual and communal stories. It is an expression of hope for a self-determined, inclusive future. 

Curated by Zahra Agjee