A World of Circus

Katelin Kinney, Paul Goodsin, Siyu Liu, Julie Boehm, Nicole Ziegler, Daniel Jung, Randi Kristin Kvalvaagnes, Ian Grindal, Andrew Miller, Brandon Cawood, Felix Barjou, Natacha Trottier, Anthony Rudareanu, Tim Nguyen, Laura Mulvey, Dracorubio, Levent Erutku, Kevin Perkins, Paul Feegun, John Poppleton, Trent Foster, Michael Rosner, Brett Stanley, Pascal Dupont, Vanessa Neufeld, Olena Sullivan, Shayne Gray, Antonia Glaskova, Sebastian Gonzalez, Kelsey Kienitz, Flora Borsi, Daniel Tamagi, Mikael Aldo, Missy Mackintosh, Nicole Aspradakis, Michael Mejia, Chris Hutcheson, Don Quincy

A World of Circus presents an exploration of the relationship between art and circus. Images that elicit heightened reactions from viewers will be unveiled in a sensational context that alludes to the drama of circus performance. This unique, stunning collection will change over time, ensuring a different experience each visit: Throughout the Festival, the installation will rotate through the works of over 40 award-winning international artists. 

Curated by Andrew Miller & Antonio Carito