Xposé 2015

Andrew Balfour, Benjamin Rondel, Struan, Claude Dagenais, Rachel Cote, Christopher Dew, Raul Rincon, Matthew Plexman, Chrystal Ferreira, Benoit Levac, Aurora Robinson, William Conway, David Prichard, Daniel Kim, Hassan Mohammed, Melanie Lapointe, Jean-François Gratton, Hugues Rochette, Scott McQuarrie

CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators) presents our nations image creators of stellar works from a dazzling array of Canadian visionaries. Expect sexy, edgy, mystical, thought-provoking, controversial, surreal, serene, magical, emotions for which there are no words. A must see for serious photography collectors, image buffs and anyone with an appreciation for fine art photography.

Curated by Bob Carnie of Dylan Ellis Gallery