Marko Moudrak, Roger Guetta, Blake Borsley, Bret Culp, Pete Kasprzak, Claudio Bacinello, David Nardi, Domnic Santiago, Jessica Lin, Gabriela Casineanu, Isaiah Trickey, Jeff Turner, Robert MacNeil, Jonathan Barrie, Joseph Amaral, Kyle Edwards, Laura Tucker, Many Lights, Mary Perdue, Lynn Leonard, Carl Hanninen, Pankaj Brijlani, Paul Reeves, Micol Kates, Octavio Mota, Hal Halli, Colin Teatro, Jessica Lutz, Anthony Gordon

Expanse is the Norman Felix Gallery's eighth Festival exhibit, featuring work by 29 photographers from its roster of over 100 Canadian artists from across the country. Expanse is a celebration of the creative ground covered by the artists represented by the gallery, highlighting artists who have been a part of the gallery since its inception, while introducing others who are new to its community. 

Curated by Norman Felix Team