Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Jeff Bierk, , 2016
Jeff Bierk,
2016 Launch

Jeff Bierk
Everybody Wins Except For The Losers

AC Repair Co.
1588 Dupont St (Rear)

Everybody Wins
Except For The Losers

I walk the streets where the deer don’t go
the hunter still stalks now don’t you know?
He prays for the prey before he lays us low
(that we might dodge the shots and find a better home).
Make way for the princes around the block
make way for the clubs with their thrones on lock.
Everybody wins, except for the Losers.

Over in the park by the railroad track,
on a sunny day you could just relax,
and nobody gave a damn if your mind was bent -
it could curve with the lake till after sunset.
Now they’re tearing up the benches where we used to go,
they’re dragging us out like logs along a skid road.
Everybody wins, except for the Losers.

Who gets by and who gets broke?
Who dances on the pieces?
If you’re coming for the show you’ll be gone tomorrow.
The scaffold and the ‘For Sale’ sign agree
it’ll be the last year around here for me.
Everybody Wins, except for the Losers.

(Russell, Schmidt - One Hundred Dollars Songs of Man)

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