Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Arnold Zageris, Antarctica 1, 2011
Arnold Zageris, Antarctica 1
Arnold Zageris, Adelie Dance, 2011
Arnold Zageris, Adelie Dance
Arnold Zageris, Polar Winds, 2012
Arnold Zageris, Polar Winds
2016 Open Exhibition

Arnold Zageris

April 29–June 4, 2016
Abbozzo Gallery
401 Richmond St W, Ste 128

Breathtaking in its superlatives, Antarctica mesmerizes visitors with its compelling beauty, awe-inspiring landscapes, and imposing grandeur. No continent is its equal. Antarctica has the heights, the winds, the climate, and the aridity. Its ever-changing and elusive light can paint and transform the spectacle with fantastic shapes and colours. From the delicate tingling sounds of tiny ice crystals, to the majesty of its towering peaks, to the ferocity of its relentless storms, Antarctica animates, inspires, and humbles.

Curated by Margaret Kirwin

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