Macy Armstrong, Leeza Belkina, Lee Bertram-French, Celeste Cares, Viona Charles, Julia Chehab, Diwya De Silva, Ryland Dinneen, Monacco Dunn, Gemma Foley, Lily Fowler, Adam Gowan, Alexandra Haik, Veronica Hampson, Chloe Hazard, Taylor Hominuk, Makenna Humes, Anneka Jin, Lexi Johnston, Maggie Keogh, Parsa Khergheh Poush, Soda Pop Liptrott, Brandon Lopez-Rawson, Djordje Lukic, Xander Maclaren, Sienna Maeba, Halle Marshall, Emma Meyler, Mitchell Milley, Carol Nguyen, James Perry, Ingrid Repic, Callum Roy Barron, Antonia Soldovieri, Lucy Stamler, Rosalind Sweeney-McCabe, Natalie Totayo, Nicholas Ullrich, Hannah Van Den Bosch, Holly Westgate, Lilianna White

Contemporary photography that is personal, thoughtful, and often full of risks has been created by the Grade 12 photography class at Etobicoke School of the Arts. Please come and support these 40 articulate and talented artists. Instagram: @esa__photography.

On view in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floor Hallway Galleries.

Curated by Glenn Novak