Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Brett Mortensen, The Aylesbury I, 2015
Brett Mortensen, The Aylesbury I
Brett Mortensen, The Aylesbury II, 2015
Brett Mortensen, The Aylesbury II
Arlene Celeste, Eglinton West, 2015
Arlene Celeste, Eglinton West
2016 Open Exhibition

Brett Mortensen, Arlene Celeste
On the Brink

May 2–29, 2016
Metropolis Living
81 Ronald Ave Unit B

On the Brink is a collaborative project examining the everyday and what this means for urban areas facing gentrification. Mortensen examines Walworth, one of the last areas of central London to be cleaned and priced up. These images are juxtaposed with Celeste’s images of Toronto’s Eglinton West. Thousands of kilometres apart, both neighbourhoods are subjected to demolition and reconstruction. These photographs raise the question of how these spaces will look, feel, and function in the coming years.

Curated by Brenda Barrows

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