Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Philip Desjardins, The Cleaner, 2014
Philip Desjardins, The Cleaner
Philip Desjardins, Cradle to Grave, 2014
Philip Desjardins, Cradle to Grave
Philip Desjardins, CROSSINGS, NYC, 2015
Philip Desjardins, CROSSINGS, NYC
2016 Open Exhibition

Philip Desjardins

April 30–May 31, 2016
QSQ Giclée Boutique
845 College St

SOLITAIRE: Its popular definition conjures up images of lone figures playing an 18th-century card game. This solo exhibition explores translations of solitaire in 15 photographs with additive captions that suggest possibilities for other interpretations, narratives, and dimensions. SOLITAIRE now becomes a two-way game of show and tell. Desjardins extends his 40-year-long career in documentary filmmaking—where words and moving images are the essence of storytelling—into a photographic series that strives to do the same.

Curated by Becky Parsons (Oculus Arts)

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