Terrain of Thought

Cassondra Barnaby, Nani Bell Gonawabi, Columpa Bobb, Lindsey Bond, Jon Cada, Liam Coo, Shifra Cooper, Iehente Foote, Alana Forslund, Braiden Houle, Eli Howard, Zoe Jenkins, Aaron Leon, Kelty McKerracher, Jackie Omstead, Jamie Oshkabewisens, Adrienne Marcus Raja, Nikki Shaffeeullah, Dylan Tate-Howarth, Sasha Tate-Howarth, Arie van de Ven

One year ago, a group of 90 artists travelled together from the West Coast to the East Coast of Canada. It was a journey of cross-cultural collaboration on an anti-colonial route. Looking back, they saw the country in a new way and knew people from all over. The journey connected them and continues to bring them together. They are the terrain of thought travellers. These are some of their stories.

Curated by Liam Coo