Yukon Sketchbooks

Joanne Ratajczak

A wanderer is someone who sets out on a journey with no real plan. Three years ago, photographer Joanne Ratajczak got into her car and left her Toronto home driving north to continue her series photographing the ends of roads, and she eventually found herself in the Yukon. This exhibition is part of an ongoing series entitled Yukon Sketchbooks, which is made up of photographs, sketches, and working journals from Ratajczak’s explorations. She reveals the Yukon as an inimitable place vastly different from gold rush and New Age bolt-hole stereotypes—a place that embodies both the physical and philosophical power of the land. The Yukon, for Ratajczak, is a case study of how an environment can lead an artist to a theme that mirrors the artistic journey: driving north and away but finding answers to the here and now.