Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Richard Kuzniak, Prince Edward Viaduct, 2016
Richard Kuzniak, Prince Edward Viaduct
Richard Kuzniak, Kensington Market, 2016
Richard Kuzniak, Kensington Market
Richard Kuzniak, Queensway Park, 2016
Richard Kuzniak, Queensway Park
2017 Open Exhibition

Richard Kuzniak
night vision

May 1–June 2, 2017
Junction - Coolearth Architecture Inc.
386 Pacific Ave

At night, the camera lens can reveal more than what the eye initially registers, creating a painterly quality that emphasizes colour and form. The variety of illumination, whether street lamp, fluorescent, neon, or sodium vapour, endows a unique glow to even the most common scenes and objects. Parking lots, laneways, storage yards, industrial sites, parks, and businesses closed for the night take on new personas, transformed by the darkness.

Scotiabank CONTACT
Photography Festival

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