Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
SoTeeOh, Carter Jersey, 2017
SoTeeOh, Carter Jersey
SoTeeOh, Self Portrait, 2016
SoTeeOh, Self Portrait
SoTeeOh, Dome, 2016
SoTeeOh, Dome
2017 Open Exhibition


April 27–May 14, 2017
Project Gallery Toronto
1109 Queen St E

What are the symbols that are immediately and universally identifiable as Toronto icons? As Toronto’s reputation grows and global awareness of the city rises, a set of visual identifiers has been developed that symbolizes this city both locally and abroad. ICON focuses on photographs of visual identifiers that can be recognized as distinctly Toronto. This exhibition continues SoTeeOh’s exploration of Toronto’s developing visual identity through portrait, still life, product, and urban landscape photographs.

Curated by Devan Patel

Scotiabank CONTACT
Photography Festival

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