Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Luca Hiroyuki d'Addario, 8545, 2016
Luca Hiroyuki d'Addario, 8545
Luca Hiroyuki d'Addario, 8373, 2016
Luca Hiroyuki d'Addario, 8373
Luca Hiroyuki d'Addario, 6858, 2016
Luca Hiroyuki d'Addario, 6858
2017 Open Exhibition

Luca Hiroyuki d'Addario
The Macro Flow Perception

May 2–June 2, 2017
Provo Foodbar
308 Dundas St W, Toronto

The Macro Flow Perception presents a new form of photography pioneered by Hiroyuki d’Addario. The photographer’s manipulation of the camera creates new perceptions of the city. Without editing, his technique results in digital smudging that turns static vistas into dynamic images that reflect the ever-changing nature of a city.

Music for the evening will be presented by Codex, featuring Sarah Davidson-Gurney, DJ Pill, and Luke Vajsar.

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