Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
SoTeeOh and Anser, Luminous, 2016
SoTeeOh and Anser, Luminous
SoTeeOh and Anser, Guardians, 2016
SoTeeOh and Anser, Guardians
SoTeeOh and Anser, A Simple Gesture, 2016
SoTeeOh and Anser, A Simple Gesture
2017 Open Exhibition

SoTeeoh, Anser

May 1–31, 2017
Vistek Mississauga
5840 Mavis Rd, Mississauga

What do you get when you team an adventurous street photographer with a popular graffiti artist? A combination of images that are totally unique. More importantly, these images challenge the viewer to question the visual chaos that is the modern urban scene. This collaborative effort between graffiti artist Anser and street photographer SoTeeOh integrates light from a flashlight with long exposure photography.

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