Uprooted and Dispossessed: Portraits of Women Caught in Conflict and Colonialism

Samer Muscati

As a researcher for Human Rights Watch for seven years, Samer Muscati documented the aftermath of some of humanity’s darkest acts. His special area of concentration was international women’s rights in conflict areas, with a particular emphasis on Africa and the Middle East. Gathering the testimony of his subjects was often harrowing, and Muscati found photography invaluable in processing his own experience. He often shared the portraits with the women he is interviewing, finding that the medium served as a kind of bonding agent.

“I see the women whom I photograph as active partners in the process,” says Muscati. “It is their life, their story, and their image. They have often lost so much, but offer whatever they have by sharing their experiences to stop the abuse from happening to others.”

This exhibition offers a moving account of the shifting fates of women and girls in a period of profound global transition. It features his most recent work with Human Rights Watch, which documents the plight of women in Iraq, Syria, South Sudan, Kenya, Zambia, and Canada.

Curated by Sarah Milroy