Aydin Büyüktas

The surreal images created by Turkish photographer and digital artist Aydin Büyüktas in his series, Flatland, appear to defy time and space. The artist creates warped landscapes and cityscapes using drone photography to capture multidimensional perspectives of settings that range from busy Turkish bazaars to American desert railroads. Each image appears to curve infinitely upward and outward without a visible horizon, evoking an unearthly and disorienting sensation. In the process of creating these digital collages, Büyüktas first renders each site in three dimensions using drafting software over several months. The rendering is used to determine a drone path and still shot points, which are laboriously stitched in post-production to create the distinctive curvature seen in each work.

Currently living and working in Istanbul, Büyüktas has exhibited his work in Turkey, Canada, the United States, and Europe, including an exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich. His work has been featured in a broad spectrum of media, from prominent arts and culture magazines to high tech and business-focused publications.