Angela Grauerholz is a Canadian photographer and photographic performer whose work balances on the tightrope between the romance and reality of history. She sets the stage with intentionally extended exposures to create dreamlike scenes that blend the ambiguity of space and a familiarity of setting, offering gateways into other dimensions, other worlds of memory and time.

Memories are subjective and lose detail as we are distanced from them by the passing of time. A memory becomes more about the feeling of the place, and it is the feelings that become the detail filled in over time. Grauerholz approaches memory from a philosophical standpoint, working intentionally with sentimentality and nostalgia to confuse and enchant while playing with the interchangeability of association and recognition. Her large-scale photographs take on a stage-like intensity, like open windows into scenes so commonplace they could be anywhere, anytime, past or future.

In this exhibition, Grauerholz explores the vacant museum, itself a vessel of communal memory and history. The blank walls and echoing corridors once home to history are now filled with memories of what once was, and what is yet to come.