Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Peace in Mirror
Peace in Mirror
Huang Mountain
Huang Mountain
Impression of Tibet
Impression of Tibet
2018 Open Exhibition

Qing Ouyang, Jianrong Yang, Jiude Zhang
Souls of Simultaneous Contrasts

May 19–20, 2018
Artscape Youngplace - Flex Studio 107
180 Shaw St

The appearance of a stimulus is dependent upon what surrounds it. This rhythm of the cosmos is attuned to a diverse life and society. The exhibition title is derived from the phrase “simultaneous contrasts” coined by Michel-Eugène Chevreul. The artists use photography to tease out simultaneous vibrations of mind, gestures, and cultural trajectories. Unifying these concepts symbolizes the possibility for harmony in the chaos of the modern world, and encourages one to look for the souls underlying reality.

Curated by Yan Chen and Xiao Han

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