Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Sheila Jonah, Blue Rat Repairman, 2017
Sheila Jonah, Blue Rat Repairman
John Drajewicz, Slip Town Clock, 2017
John Drajewicz, Slip Town Clock
Sheila Jonah, Doorways to My Heart, 2017
Sheila Jonah, Doorways to My Heart
2018 Open Exhibition

Sheila Jonah, Natalie Draz, John Drajewicz
Cameras Looking Forwards and Backwards

May 5–June 3, 2018

From our earliest days, we explore the world around us, absorbing the physical society one is born into. One grows to evaluate everything new and modern while recognizing the best of the physical past. Photography is a tool for scrutinizing this unstoppable transformation and declaring one’s choices. Come view these images of the physical world looking backwards and forwards.

Curated by Natalie Draz

Scotiabank CONTACT
Photography Festival

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