Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Ryan Van Der Hout, Peaks, 2017, 16x16
Ryan Van Der Hout, Peaks
Ryan Van Der Hout, Deep Waters, 2017, 16x16
Ryan Van Der Hout, Deep Waters
Ryan Van Der Hout, Before The Storm, 2017, 16x16
Ryan Van Der Hout, Before The Storm
2018 Open Exhibition

Ryan Van Der Hout
Dark Waters

July 7–September 1, 2018
The Robert McLaughlin Gallery
72 Queen St Civic Centre, Oshawa

Dark Waters is a series of images of water, clouds, and trees that look at humanity’s hand in commodifying and altering nature. Using a laser cutter, Van Der Hout burns holes into the photograph, pushing to see how far he can destroy the physical structure before it falls apart—a metaphor for incursions into nature. The gold background seen through the holes denotes the value that natural resources have, revealed through the destruction of the image.

Winner of the 2018 RMG Exposed Prize.

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