Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival
Dan Berman, Hybrid Spaces, Partly Natural and Partly Engineered, 2015
Dan Berman, Hybrid Spaces, Partly Natural and Partly Engineered
Dan Berman, Channelized Highland Creek, 2015
Dan Berman, Channelized Highland Creek
2018 Open Exhibition

Group Exhibition
Accidental Parkland

May 10–20, 2018
University of Toronto - New College
45 Willcocks St
Artists Dan Berman
Vincent Luk
Sammy Tangir
Nicole Czorny
Erin Riley
Sarah Burtscher
Jade Lee Portelli
Diane Davis
Christine McLean
Jeff Dickie
Jason Ramsey-Brown
Ian Crysler
Andrew Wallace
Dave Coulson
Sarah Dinnick
Nancy Friedland
Anthony Smith
Shawn Micallef
Deb Perna
Frank Dionisi
Danielle Griscti
Samantha Stephens
Todd Irvine

The documentary project Accidental Parkland collaborates with the University of Toronto’s New College and Daniels School of Architecture, Landscape and Design to host a ten-day event. Starting with an exhibition of the documentary’s multi-artist Instagram feed, it also features visual exhibitions of art and design work, a speaker series, documentary screenings, student installations, and cultural events. It’s a celebration of urban nature with attention to Indigenous histories and protocols for understanding land. The shared value of these green oases amidst all the pavement is only rising and it’s time to embrace the gorgeous nature available within this city. Come open your mind to how these spaces may be improved and how they can provide even greater benefit to Toronto’s many diverse communities.

Curated by Dan Berman

Scotiabank CONTACT
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