Group Exhibition An Archive, But Not An Atlas

  • Alex Jacobs-Blum
  • Curtiss Randolph
  • Camille Rojas
  • Eve Tagny

“An archive, but not an atlas: the point here is not to take the world upon one’s shoulders, but to crouch down to the earth, and dig.”
—Allan Sekula

This group exhibition explores personal and social histories as they are unearthed through movement, gesture, language, and land. Four emerging artists address unconscious memory as it is embodied across generations and geographies. Through photography, performance, and film, the artist’s knowledge is rooted in observing subtleties expressed in familial, domestic, or cultural locations.

An Archive, But Not An Atlas is presented in dialogue with Developing Historical Negatives at Gallery 44, curated by Gabrielle Moser. These thematically linked exhibitions investigate how artists engage the archive to question experiences of belonging, displacement, and situatedness in the Canadian landscape. Mining both personal and institutional narratives, the projects activate overlooked and marginalized histories, drawing attention to their ongoing resonance in the present.

Curated by Liz Ikiriko