Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

Małgorzata Stankiewicz | Lassen (This Is an Emergency)

In this newly commissioned short video, Polish artist Małgorzata Stankiewicz continues her exploration of landscape photography, conservation, and the climate crisis, while revealing her research and working process. Her CONTACT public installation Lassen (This Is an Emergency), planned for 27 billboards in Toronto and across Canada this May, is postponed until the 2021 Festival.

Reflecting on strategies for processing the onslaught of information and images circulating today, which are often fragmented and out of context, Stankiewicz raises questions about their impact in mass media. Lassen (2019) is a meditation on the photographic depiction of landscape in the Anthropocene—an era of human-driven accelerated environmental change. With even more research published over the last few months, as the world’s economy and energy use has slowed, Stankiewicz’s work poetically underscores the urgency of the global situation.


Work titles/video references in order of appearance:

The Public Needs to Know That This Land Is Being Degraded

Violence Against the Earth Begets Violence Against Women

All New Projects That Enable Fossil Fuel Growth Are an Affront to Our State of Climate Emergency

Oil & Gas Firms Have Had Far Worse Climate Impact Than Thought

Indigenous Canadians Face a Crisis as Climate Change Eats Away Island Home

We Have a Biodiversity Crisis

These Old-Growth Forests Are Not Renewable, They’re Not Coming Back After You Log Them

Arctic Permafrost Thawing 70 Years Sooner Than Predicted

This Year’s Flooding Is Very Extreme

Logging Scars Suppress Forest Regeneration

Anthropogenic Climate Change Has Increased the Likelihood of Some Type of Extreme Events Such as the 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfire

Fracking Boom Tied to Methane Spike in Earth’s Atmosphere

Out in the Great Lakes, an Alarm is Sounding

It Is Clear That the Earth Is on an Unsustainable Trajectory

Climate Change Poses a Major Threat to Sensitive Species Like the American Pika

Future Changes in Human Emissions of CO2 Will Largely Determine Future Climate

Until the Climate Is Stabilized, There Will Not Be a New ‘Normal’ Climate

The Seasonal Availability of Freshwater Is Changing

Canada And the World Face Very Different Futures, Depending on the Level And Speed at Which Measures to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Implemented

The Arctic Is on Fire

Why Is Canada Warming Faster Than the World As a Whole?

The Seasonal Timing of Peak Streamflow Has Shifted

Reducing Human Emissions Will Reduce Future Climate Change

*In the Alpine and Tundra Areas of Kluane, Trees And Woody Shrubs Are Taking Over the Lichen, Sedge And Grasslands of the Tundra


Keeling Curve Lessons, Scripps Co2 Program

Climate Change: How Do We Know?

The Meteoric rise of Carbon Dioxide

Animation: How temperature has changed in each country since 1900

Sea surface temperature anomaly timeline: 1982-2017

Global Sea Ice Area 1978 – 2017

Arctic temperature vs. Arctic sea ice extent

Future Global Warming

Climate Change: The IPCC 1990 and 1992 Assessments

Tipi Bookshop video – cry of an echo

Canada’s Changing Climate Report

The Narwhal


Autumn Peltier

Climate Action Network Canada

David Suzuki Foundation

Indigenous Climate Action

XR Canada

Greenpeace Canada

Stand Earth

In photos: Wet’suwet’en matriarchs arrested as RCMP enforce Coastal GasLink pipeline injunction

Reject Teck Frontier Tar Sands Mine – Call to Action



Some further reading (a personal list of what I found myself reading or rereading in the past months, by no means complete):


Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth by James Lovelock

Spiritual Ecology: The Cry of the Earth by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Where the Lightning Strikes: The Lives of American Indian Sacred Places by Peter Nabokov

The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird

Metamorphosis of Plants by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Evening Thoughts: Reflecting on Earth as Sacred Community by Thomas Berry

One Square Inch of Silence: One Man’s Quest to Preserve Quiet by Gordon Hempton

Views of Nature by Alexander von Humboldt

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit

The Białowieza Forest Saga by Simona Kossak

Factory Town by Minoru Betsuyaku