“In spite of everything, in spite of the fact that there were dark clouds, horrifying clouds, if you were to suggest that we led a tragic life I would react by saying that we didn’t. It was the most beautiful and buoyant, the most joyful life you can imagine. The world has never seen a happier woman than I was at the time.”
—Jelena Sergejevna Bulgakova
Vitas Luckus was born in 1943 in Kaunas, Lithuania, and began to photograph when he was 12. A photographer considered “prohibited” by the Communist party, he was widely acknowledged as an enormous talent by his contemporaries although this is the first show of his work in Canada. The series of images are the last photographs that Vitas created in the market in Vilnius a mere two weeks before his untimely death.  They share a story of love and the life of the common man.