Andrew Wright: Penumbra

Join the artist, curator Bonnie Rubenstein and Mark Cheetham, Professor of Art History at Uof T, for a conversation about the exhibition.  

Andrew Wright's work is described as multi-tiered inquiries into the nature of perception, photographic structures and technologies, and the ways we relate to an essentially mediated and primarily visual world. Wright's use of photography is at the intersection of traditional and conceptual forms of artmaking.

He has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally, with exhibitions at Peak Gallery, Toronto, the University of California, Berkeley, Oakville Galleries, Photo Miami, Roam Contemporary (New York), ARCO '05 (Madrid), Presentation House, Vancouver and the Art Gallery of Calgary. He is the founding Artistic Director for Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area (CAFKA).

Wright is the recipient of numerous awards, as well as critical acclaim for his work in publications such as Canadian Art, Border Crossings, and The Globe & Mail. He is represented in Canada by Patrick Mikhail Gallery in Ottawa, and is an Assistant Professor of Visual Art at the University of Ottawa.