Beaux Gestes

The work of Yto Barrada addresses the complex geopolitical relationship between Morocco and Europe, emphasizing its often adverse social, psychological, and economic effects on Morocco’s citizenry while foregrounding the people’s resourcefulness and ingenuity. Combining documentary strategies with a metaphoric approach to imagery, she has created a compelling body of work that inquires into the daily traces of the significant changes currently taking place in North Africa. In particular, she engages with the circumstances of her hometown of Tangier, situated on the Strait of Gibraltar and transformed into a dead end since the 1991 Schengen agreement in Europe. These circumstances elicit actions from the city’s inhabitants that may be seen as beautiful and noble, if often futile.

Beaux Gestes is a dual-venue exhibition that features many of the artist’s most recent photographs and video installations. 

Co-presented with A Space Gallery and Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art