A media artist currently based in New York City, Mary Manning began taking photos of her everyday encounters while living in San Francisco in the 1990s. Her photographic subjects include various atmospheric ephemera, such as a look through a sliding plastic enclosure into a bodega, or a soft-view crop of everyday plants. Manning uses digital and film cameras interchangeably, including point-and-shoots with date stamps. Building on a process of layering and sequencing images to find affinities in disparate subjects, her exhibition features two large images that provide the base for a series of smaller, overlaid images. These photographs have been created and displayed using different techniques, and are shown alongside found materials, resulting in a combined process that nullifies any hierarchy of value and instead foregrounds the dynamic play between photographic materiality and the subjects they portray.

Manning’s work has recently been featured in exhibitions at Jackie Klempay and Cleopatra’s, both in Brooklyn, New York, as well as in CANADA Gallery’s 2017 booth at Frieze New York, curated by Marc Hundley.