Douglas Clark: Suite Hereafter



This exhibition presents a condensed survey of significant works by late photographer Douglas Clark (1952 – 1999). Clark was a highly regarded animator and organizer of Canadian photographic art, including many projects during his time as photography curator at the Edmonton Art Gallery (now Art Gallery of Alberta.) Clark’s own practice evolved from classic “street” photography of the 1960s and 1970s into highly personal bodies of work, and in his final years, pushed further into photo/lens-based installations.

Selections from several of Clark’s key photographic series are on view, revealing his evolution of ideas, image-making methods, and eclectic use of subject matter. Friend and colleague Michael Mitchell wrote that Clark’s studios were “treasure troves of signage, machine parts, molds, toys, goofy objects, and 19th-century photographs” and in reference to his most celebrated projects, “the techniques and material employed to make these assemblages were Clark’s caveman version of high- tech…. [He] used razor blades, yards of Scotch tape, and kitchen aluminum foil. He loved being alone in an exotic place… drinking in all that new strangeness and the evidence of other ways of being.” Suite Hereafter is both a testament to the process of making and a celebration of Clark’s unique vision and passionate, creative life.


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