Façades aims to negotiate new understandings of public and private space in relation to community, class, and gender. Not unlike an ethnographic researcher, Brittany Shepherd seeks out and captures poetic happenings and patterns in the city, selecting materials and imagery that serve to elevate the mundane to the realm of fine art. In the process, boundaries between “high” and “low” forms of image and culture are dissolved, offering the audience a new critical perspective on the “class” of images.

At Bunker 2, Shepherd, immerses viewers in the exhibition as the images, sound, and sculptures begin to meld and fold into one another. Signifiers of deterioration (stains, rips, smudges, and sun damage) lend the images the illusion of having once existed in an urban environment, activating liminal spaces where the binary between subject and object dissolves and meaning becomes contingent on encounters. An honest representation of the materiality of advertisements, Facades brings disparate realms together through isolated moments, serving as an impetus to look inward.