Hot Docs: New life of a family album

New life of a family album
Nový �ivot rodinného alba (Original Title)?
Adam Ol’ha / Czech Republic, Slovakia / Slovak, English

In 2005, filmmaker Adam Ol’ha’s father leaves his wife and six children to start a new life with a new woman. For Adam, his mother and five sisters, the breakdown of the marriage is a huge upheaval. Or is it? His father is an accomplished film director who amasses an impressive archive of beautiful home movies and boxes of photographs, all offering up an idyllic image of his successful actress wife and their ever-expanding brood of kids. Wondering what effect the divorce will have on his sisters and mother, Adam decides to take a fresh look at the past. The sentimental footage and pictures clearly capture a passion between the artist couple, but as the film weaves the old frames with new ones of his mother and his five sisters, cracks come to the surface. Gorgeously crafted, this personal memoir asks whether love survives family life or whether family itself is love’s only lasting record.
-Myrocia Watamaniuk

Please note screening times and locations: 

May 1, 6pm Scotiabank  3
May 3, 7pm Scotiabank  4

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April 26 – May 6