Winner of the 2017 Gattuso Prize!

It’s all a blur… is a series of gestural portraits made with photo-based gel transfers. Sandra Brewster uses the medium as a metaphor for movement or change from one place to another, specifically in reference to the migration of her parents and their peers who left Guyana for Toronto in the late 1960s. Inspired by the preciousness of old photographs and their relationship to time and memory, this series mimics and somewhat exaggerates the physical quality of those photographs by revealing imperfections left by creases, tears, and folds.

Brewster is interested in how change, especially change of location, impacts identity. She relates this work to Dionne Brand’s writing, which explores the complexities involved in forming a sense of self, focusing on that same generation of Caribbeans arriving to Canada. They “come full of ourselves—who we were and are and will become.”