Jayce Salloum

Jayce Salloum discusses his exhibition, “a history of photography” with Gallery TPW director, Gary Hall.

Subjects that will be discussed include the provenance of the works from the different decades, the periods and contemporary sense and times of the productions, the different projects and series that are present and the attempts at intervention/media de-constructions/personal & political tropes and the place of photography in the trajectories encountered.

Gary Hall has been the Director of Gallery TPW since the gallery’s formation in 1980. Hall was a co-founder of Artist-Run Centres Toronto, which later joined with regionally-based centres to form Artist-Run Centres and Collectives of Ontario, a provincial arts service organization serving the needs of artist-directed organizations. In 2012, ARCCO recognized his significant contribution to the well-being of artists and arts organizations in Ontario with the first ARCCO Achievement Award. In 2014, he received the Sandra Tulloch Award for Innovation in Arts and Culture awarded by Theatre Ontario.