For 108 years, Maclean’s magazine has been reporting from the world’s hot spots, interpreting and commenting on history as it is made in both words and images. The magazine’s tradition in portrait photography proves that great photojournalism requires compelling subjects. Now, for the first time, Maclean’s presents 50 captivating portraits from their extensive archives, curated by their own photography staff. Riveting pictures of Canadians big and small, as well as international luminaries from the arts, business, sports, and politics, tell their own story.

The years of training and dedication demanded of an Olympic athlete are captured in the coil of a muscle. The ethereal beauty of a movie star beguiles. The lines on a face are etched reminders of a life lived. The series Maclean’s: Face to Face is produced in conjunction with the Festival and includes work done for the magazine by iconic Canadian portrait photographers, including: Peter Bregg, Tony Fouhse, Yousuf Karsh, Rita Leistner, George Pimentel, John Reeves, Derek Shapton, Christopher Wahl, and Mark Zibert.