Plant Cosmos

In continuity with works issued from the extensive energy herbarium she has built over two decades, Marie-Jeanne Musiol now delves into new territory. Using lm negatives and electromagnetism to capture light fields surrounding plants, she probes their coronas for details that become unexpected landscapes. Having previously extracted elements reminiscent of cosmic formations, she presently creates immersive and non-directional panoramas that speak to fluid boundaries between matter and light. The edges of leaves (and of all substance) do not spell defined outer limits but exist as states where light penetrates matter to bring about form and physicality, and matter dissolves into light. These merge in ways not apparent to the eye, yet fundamental in a universe populated by sub-quantum particles travelling freely between dimensions.

Several works in the exhibition, which features larger photographs of plant nebulae and smaller images from the energy herbarium, are also referenced in a book by the artist just published in French by Les éditions Pierre-François Ouellette, La Forêt radieuse : un herbier énergétique (The Radiant Forest: An Energy Herbarium). Both the exhibition and the book highlight perspectives of scale in the macro and micro, indicative of fluid states of being.