Power in Resistance



This exhibition exposes voices of resistance and resilience that flourish throughout the Americas as a response to centuries of racism, poverty, and widespread economic and social exclusion of Indigenous peoples in the region. From the southern hemisphere of the Mapuche to the Cree in the north, artists in Power in Resistance address the impact of colonization, including forced sterilization, risk of language extinction, residential schools, shaming queer identities, and violence. Counteracting such attempts of cultural erasure, these artists continue a path of truth, acknowledgment, power, and transformation.

Neoliberal capitalist and historical legacies of colonial racism continue to grow, as we witness multiple killings of Indigenous peoples in countries across the Americas. Contemporary artists Iván Argote (Colombia), Marilyn Boror (Guatemala), Sebastián Calfuqueo (Chile), Carlos Colín (Mexico/Vancouver), Lucia Cuba (Peru/New York), and Meryl McMaster (Canada) respond by facing the threats posed, challenging dominant narratives, and decolonizing landscapes. They offer a legacy of Indigenous struggle for future generations to follow. By understanding the specificities of converging and diverging violent patterns across the Americas, recognition of the importance of defiance and resistance is inevitable.


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